Meeting Minutes


February 12, 2015

Speakers:  Bill Engel and Cathy Matco from Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh South spoke on the importance of having a web site and keeping it updated.  Allow a customer comment section.  When customer comments are submitted, they should be addressed, and thank them for entering a comment.   He also suggested that an overview map is very helpful. 

They also offered a free night at the Crowne Plaza which was won by Mike Bock.

Barb Peters opened the meeting by thanking Cathy and Bill for addressing the meeting and for bringing lunch.

Membership Report:  Mary Ann Belles reported that invoices were sent for 2015 dues of $100 for the year.

If you know of anyone moving into the park, please let the association know so we can send them a welcome.

132 e-mails were sent informing every one of the meeting.  We received replies.

Barb passed out information on free trees from the Arbor Day Foundation.

Mike Bock:  gave the financial report.

Electronic Recycling:  The recyclers will need a flat paved area will be needed to park a box truck and lay out twelve pallets.  Mary Ann Belles will check on the lot at Bethel Machine.  Available dates for the recyclers are May 28th or 29th, and June 4th or 5th.  They can wipe a hard drive clean for an additional fee.  A notice will be sent of what will be accepted for recycling.

Discounts:  It was discussed sending forms to businesses asking if they will offer a discount to other businesses in the Industrial Park.

Volunteers:  Tim Moury,Municipal Council President, requested two members from the Bethel Park Business Association to form a committee, along with two members of council and staff from Economic Development South, to determined the needs of the Industrial Park. 

SAFETY AND SECURITY:  Lisa Sbei reported that they had a truck broken into while parked on their property.  Bethel Park Police Department suggested that businesses invest in cameras for outdoor monitoring.

Chamber of Commerce:  Requested one of our members represent the association on the Chamber.  Jim Stevenson of James Stevenson Insurance volunteered to be our representative.  Thank you, Jim.

Meeting adjourned at 1:05.

Next meeting:  March 12, 2015.